Tank Storm headphones
I take my tunes quite seriously, so I always need to have the right gear to do justice to the music. For me, the right headphones have to feel good, provide the right sound balance, and look hot to boot. And now I’ve found a perfect pair that completes the Trifecta.

My newest purchase, the Aerial 7 Tank Storm headphones
deliver in a major way. All you have to do is look at them to be
ridiculously smitten–provided you’re not a minimalist. A friend refers
to the headphones as”bubblegummy goodness” which is spot on.

The features that I’m totally digging, in addition
to the fab color combo, are the swivel cups which give the Tank a
DJ-cool feel, and the two different cords–one being an old school thick
accordion cord, while the other is a standard wire for a computer.
you take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. Although you may be
frustrated by the repeated interruptions from folks asking “Where the
heck do you get those?” – Eva

Tank Storm headphones are available at Aerial7.com

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