X-Doria Sleeve StandAlong with all those things I can’t leave home without, my iPad is at the top of my list this summer. But, since I don’t want to add more bulk to my overstuffed bags, I’m digging this slim and clever sleeve stand that gives my precious cargo protection without eating up all my souvenir space.

X-Doria’s Sleeve Stand looks like your run-of-the-mill padded sleeve with one very cool difference: Open up the zipper and the sleeve becomes an iPad stand. 

Now we can prop up the iPad to watch a movie in our camping tent on (another) rainy day. Or I can put the iPad on the counter of our rental kitchen to see a recipe I need for dinner. Just make sure you set the volume where you want first, since the volume button gets hidden on the bottom when propped up. And since it can only prop up your iPad in landscape, there are a few apps (ahem Word Welder) that aren’t ideal for horizontal stands like this one.
But I love that this sleeve stand is even sturdy enough to stay up while tapping the screen to play a game. And it even stays put when I scroll through all those work emails I said I wasn’t going to check all week. Christina

X-Doria’s Sleeve Stand for the iPad is available in three accent colors at their website.