dr mario print andrew heathI got a huge giggle out of this print which shows just what ol’ Mario would look like through an X-ray, after eating all those mushrooms of dubious origin, unmarked pills, and bizarre plants.

The Dr. Mario print
comes courtesy of illustrator Andrew Heath whose strong graphic style
coupled with slightly twisted take on pop culture makes for cool concert
posters, and other artwork around themes like Batman, True Blood, GameBoy and of course, Nintendo characters.

You can find his work in his Etsy Shop or for a limited time, on sale through Fab.com. Perfect for a game room. Or any environment that warrants a cautionary message about eating mushrooms with eyes on them. –Liz

Find the The Dr. Mario print from the Andrew Heath Etsy Shop, or for a limited time at Fab.com. Use this link if you’re not already a member.