Skype in the classroom
This past week, I was excited to have a chance to Skype chat with a teacher in Maine about the amazing things she’s doing in her classroom thanks to technology.  If you take a look at the Skype Education page, you’ll be blown away by the number of teachers all over the world signing up and looking for classrooms to pair with on inspiring projects. And I imagine it can be great for homeschooling parents, tutors and maybe even an inspiration for parents too.

The site functions like a for classrooms. Browse around and you’ll find Yellowstone Park Rangers offering to Skype with classrooms about geology and ecology; a Greek school looking to talk to students around the world about what kids eat for lunch; and a London grade school teacher looking to have a global chat about the Olympics.

the comments there and it’s pretty amazing – educators from Brazil,
India, Australia, Denmark, and the US all collaborated on a program back
in January that I can only imagine is coming to life this very week.

obviously this is a great resource for teachers (and I might just share
it with ours next year, should they be interested in getting involved),
it made me think about how we might schedule a regular chat with
cousins or friends’ children in other parts of the world around a topic.

While “video pal” doesn’t have the alliteration of pen pal, I think it’s pretty awesome.  –Liz

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