Scuba Suit waterproof iPhone case for underwater photos
Considering that like many people, I use my iPhone camera for so many of my photographs these days, I shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve got a case that not only waterproofs it, it allows you to safely turn it into an underwater camera. 

The iPhone Scuba Suit is a 100% waterproof case that allows you to take photos at up to 15 feet deep. It’s factory tested to make sure that not one single drop of water gets inside. Yes, even the awesome folks at Photojojo tested it on their own iPhones. 

Aside from the optical grade lens which ensures that your photos actually look as great as you’re seeing them, the case has a touch-sensitive gel screen so you can actually find and use the buttons while you’re underwater. Whether you’re like us and live at the pool all summer long or are headed out for a beach vacation, this is the perfect way to keep your phone safe near the water–and get some really cool photos of the kids underwater, too. -Kristen

You can purchase the iPhone Scuba Suit at Photojojo. It ships late July. 

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