Elevation iPhone charging dock
I cannot tell you how many iPhone docking stations we have gone through since my husband first bought me that first generation iPhone. With all that money wasted, I could have easily bought this new one that’s not only super stylish but built to last through many more generations of phones. 

The Elevation Dock was recently part of a record-breaking Kickstarter funding campaign and after one look, I can totally see why. Made from solid aluminum with a beautiful finish, it’s sturdy, simple, and can be used even if your iPhone has a case on. A seemingly intuitive feature that so many docks are missing. 
Elevation Dock iPhone and iPod charger
And what I love most is that it’s universal to all iPhone generations and iPod Touch as well as MP3 players like the Nano. So finally, one dock for everything we use that looks great too. Awesome. -Kristen

You can now pre-order the Elevation Dock on their website. 

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