Juicy Pyramid USB bracelet in blackIf I saw this bracelet, I would pick it up. I would put it on. I would feel totally tough, like a punk rock princess. And then, when I realized its brilliant geek-chic secret, I would be even more excited. Because it’s so much more than a pretty bracelet.

Turns out this rockin’ 4GB USB bracelet by Juicy Couture in either black or pink is yes, a thumb drive. When you see the bracelet unrolled, the USB plug is the fastener.

We’ve seen a few like this that are fairly ordinary, but I flat out love this one. Tech as jewelry is great– except when it gets super expensive or clunky. But the design here is something I would wear anyway; the rubber is motherhood-tough, the price is under $50, and the tech is totally usable.

Juicy USB bracelet in pink
Juicy USB bracelet in pink

Whether you’re bringing a stylish edge to an argument about PC vs. Mac or just heading out to the photo kiosk to print off some vacation pics, you can do it with Juicy. Plus, it’s nice to see something from them without big words across your butt. Heh. ~Delilah 

Find the Juicy Couture USB Bracelet in black and pink at the Juicy Couture website.