Pulpop eco-friendly MP3 speakerI’ve seen plenty of MP3 speakers but most of them are covered in plastic. And while I’m pretty sure I don’t need to worry about my kid chewing on them, it’s always nice to find more eco-friendly options, like this new speaker made from, of all things, recycled paper.

The uniquely shaped Pulpop MP3 speaker is made entirely from recycled paper pulp and runs on a rechargeable battery (of course!). Not surprisingly, it’s ultralight and a nice change from all the shiny black plastic portable speakers I’ve tried. Though since it’s made of paper, I’m thinking not the best choice for the pool or beach. But hey, maybe an interesting DIY project for your budding art-loving audiophile. Then you can make it any color you’d like. –Kristen 

You can purchase the Pulpop MP3 Speaker at Molla Space