VTech retro cordless phone
We’re increasingly seeing a yearning for the pre-cell phone days of yore. There’s iRetrophone which is an iPhone dock disguised as old desk phone, and the Pop Phone headset which lets you talk on your mobile phone with a classic corded headset. So the next logical step: An actual wired-to-the-wall telephone that has nothing to do with cell phones at all.

The new VTech Retro Phone
looks a lot like a classic corded desk phone of the 70s, but with the
push buttons of the 80s, a cordless headset of the 90s, and 5 gorgeous
color options and a sleek curvy design that feels very today.

If you’ve still got a land line phone at home, this is a sweet option, with
lots of features you’d expect including a stored 50 number phonebook,
voicemail, call screening, and an Eco feature to conserve energy use
when it’s just sitting around waiting for the next political robocall

On the downside, there are some reports that call clarity is not quite
what some other land line phones offer. But considering 102% of you own cell
phones, I’d imagine that these days, your land line isn’t your everyday
all the time phone. In other words, everything old isn’t entirely
everything new again. –Liz

Find the VTech LS6195 Retro Cordless Phone online from VTech, now on sale for $54.95. Bonus: $2 from every purchase is going to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

[h/t chipchick]

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