Kids' music download: When I'm Five by The Not-Its
My niece will be hopping on the school bus for the first time in just a few weeks. For her and her fellow kindergartners, I’ve found the perfect song to sing them out the door off the debut album of kindie favorites The Not-Its!

Kicking off with Danny Adamson’s vocals, When I’m Five starts off slowly and tentatively, just like a five-year old might sound as they shake off the butterflies and build up their confidence to face their first morning of school. 
But, once that backpack is tossed on, the tempo picks up and the song really rocks as Danny confidently sings, Backpack on/I’m walking to school/I don’t need you to tell me how cool I look right now. 
I can almost see my niece strutting into her classroom with hardly a glance back. Sniff. Christina

Download a copy of The Not-Its! When I’m Five from our affiliate Amazon.

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