Don’t get me wrong, I like photographs of my kids, family and friends, but just looking at pictures doesn’t “send me.” UNLESS they’re in a slideshow with music and text–then I become a blubbering, “Memories”-singing mama. Which is why the new Animoto Android App does send me. With a few clicks, you can take all those photos that are cluttering up your phone, add music, text and a video style and create a mini-movie that’s quite weep-worthy.

Animoto is a long time favorite of everyone at Cool Mom Tech, but up until now, you could only use it on the web or via the Animoto iPhone app. Now we ‘Droid users can create these amazing musical slideshows and make ourselves cry any time of the day or night, or share our videos to social networks and make other people cry. It’s a win-win, right?

The free version of Animoto allows you to use up to 12 photographs, or you can upgrade to full-length videos for a small monthly fee.

And trust me, non-techies, this app is so easy to use that my 6-year old son has been making near-Spielberg magic. And making his mama blubber. –Shari

Download the free Animoto Android app at Animoto. 

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