No sooner than the new iPhone 5 announcement came out did we start getting tips about the new cases that will go with the phone. Yes, a new phone in this case means new accessories, new cords and adaptors (sigh), and of course, new cases, unlike the jump from 4 to 4S.

Because the phone is thinner and longer, and the screen now larger than the iPhone 4, unfortunately you can’t get away with an old case. On the bright side, the case makers, as you can imagine, are already alllll over it. Here are just a few cool ones we’re already seeing on preorder.

griffin reveal iphone 5 casess

The ever popular Griffin (makers of my own beloved Chilewich case) has lots of styles being revamped for their iPhone 5 cases including the ultra-thin reveal case, which helps keep that new slimmer phone just as slim and doesn’t hide any of the phone’s pretty design.

griffin iPhone 5 case

The minimalist Protector iPhone 5 case is made out of durable silicone. Great colors.

griffin iPhone 5 animal cases

The animal parade cases
which are a little (okay, a lot) on the cutesie side but perfect if
you’re a big animal lover or a zoologist. Or one of those fancy people
that buys an iPhone 5 for your toddler–but we don’t know too many of

griffin chevron iPhone 5 cases

My favorite from Griffiin though, may be the Chevron Hard case for iPhone 5 in 3 cool styles. Very of the moment.

wooden custom engraved iphone 5 case

At Make Direct, there’s a big selection of cool wooden cases, including this one, the custom engraved wooden iPhone 5 cases, complete with your own name. Or maybe the words “hands off Mom’s iPhone.”

superlegerra  iPhone 5 casesuperlegerra iphone 5 case      

The popular SuperLegerra polycarbonate and silicone iPhone cases
from APlusCase (not to be confused with @aplusk) are evidently
available or about to be, through their Taiwanese site. Phew, they work

iPhone stroller dock concept | quirky

Don’t see something you love? Our friends at Quirky hosted an iPhone 5 design competition this week may have yielded something awesome in terms of cases and accessories for the new phone. (The iPhone dock for strollers, perhaps?) You’ll know on September 19 when launches an exclusive sale of the top reader picks.

For everything you ever wanted to know about the new iPhone 5, including whether you should get one, check out our post.