I’ve been a crazy travelin’ gal lately, and one those annoying little things about travel is trying to figure out which converters to bring for all your gadgets.

Universal travel plug adapter | Flight 001

I love this universal travel plug adapter
which beats carrying around a humongo adapter kit. The adapters all fit
together, puzzle style, and then convert to work from North America and
the UK to the rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China. While
that doesn’t cover the entire world (sorry Africa and South America) it
should keep you covered in about 150 countries.

Plus, I love that it comes in 4 bright colors which are harder to leave behind in your hotel room than a plain white plug.

remember to pack a voltage converter too if you’re going to be doing
much more than charging gadgets. Take it from a friend who just blew out
her expensive hair dryer in Denmark on the very first use. –Liz

Find universal travel adapters and more online at Flight 001