Popset photo sharing appWith back-to-school in full swing, I’m sure many of you already have hordes of photos on your phones chronicling those first exciting days. For those friends and family near and far who are anxious to see how Samantha’s entry into 2nd grade went, virtual photo album sharing is made easy with Popset

Popset offers a simple way to instantly share groups
of photos with only the people who want to see them. After downloading
the app, sign-in with Facebook and and friends directly into your network; or you can invite non-Facebook family members to join your
Popset circle. It’s not a Facebook app, per se, but it’s closely
integrated, so if you’re an avid user, this may be right up your alley.

a new album is easy and Popset lets you designate if you want the
photos tagged with location, if you want others to be able to add photos
(like your sister who also wants to share her back-to-school photos
with the family) and who is allowed to see the album. It’s great that it
offers you customizable options and the control over your photos, which
is really important when it comes to shots of the little ones. 

Popset photo sharing appSince there is such tight Facebook
integration, you can upload all your Facebook photos and albums through
the app and also add special effects and filters to those photos. Plus you
can email links to photo albums and even share them via Twitter and
text, if the whole album has already been shared on the social

Now I will say as someone who has dramatically weaned off of Facebook in
the past few months, and as more and more of us are thinking about
privacy, and what apps have access to what information, it would be nice
to have a different sign-in
option as well.

But at least it’s nice to have the option to privately share photos to a
select few–assuming they also use Popset. There’s already tons of
photo-sharing photo services out there (um, heard of Instagram?), but
the customization features and an easy-to-use interface, plus the fact that it’s free,  makes this one worth a look. -Jeana 

Popset is available for free from iTunes.