I still fondly remember my Polaroid camera. Like so many photo buffs, I was devastated when Polaroid went the way of the Betamax. Well, with this new gadget, you will get almost the same effect with your very 21st century iPhone. And the story is pretty unbelievable.

Turn digital photos into Polaroid-style prints

The folks behind the Impossible Instant Lab were so obsessed with instant photography that they bought the last Polaroid factory in order to preserve all that instant film. (Kudos!)

Since then, they’ve been working to create a gadget that uses Polaroid-compatible instant film that lets you turn your digital photos into actual analog Polaroid photos, using just your smartphone.

Impossible Instant Lab iPhone photo printer
To get your photo, you’ll need to download their app to your iPhone 4/4S (Android is coming soon), choose a photo, and then pop your phone into the cradle and slide open the shutter. Once you push the button, out pops your photo that’s ready for your to wave around in the air. Remember that? -Kristen

You can support the Impossible Instant Lab and learn more about their incredible story on Kickstarter. Even though they’ve already met your goal, backers get a few extra goodies plus first access. The product will retail for $299.

Psst.. if you’re an Android user, fill out this survey and help them make one that works for you too!

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