I’m already a huge fan of Aerial7’s Tank headphones: the perfect sound, the comfy fit, and the fun bright colors.

The only thing that could make my set of Tanks even more perfect is if I could custom design a pair. And guess what? Now I can.

The Tank DIY headphones, inspired by super talented and vibrant Drew Brophy, are fantastic, allowing you to customize everything about them, from the thick ear cushions to the adjustable headband all without compromising the sound quality. It’s a crafty music lover’s dream!

DIY Tank headphones by Aerial 7

The set comes with three markers, but I borrowed a few permanent markers from the kids who watched enviously as I worked my magic on the headphones. However, you could also use spray paint and fabric pens if you’re extra artistic like Drew and his team. Aren’t they amazing? Either way, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a more unique pair of headphones. -Eva

You can find the new color-your-own Tank DIY headphones online at Aerial7.