Even though my Facebook news feed is full of Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm updates today, there are still a ton of political updates that I’d love to remove, at least until Election Day is over. With all due respect to some of my more uh…passionate friends and family. And yeah, some of the crazy ones.

Turns out there’s no need to unfriend or unfollow the folks you’ll like again soon enough. Thanks to this genius Chrome extension, you can get make it to November 6 relatively stress-free by blocking only their political updates out of your Twitter feed and Facebook timeline and keeping all the rest.

politics blocked on Facebook with unpolitic me

You’ll want to install Unpolitic.me right now, which is a Chrome extension that will block any political update based on specific keywords (party names, candidates) and instead replace it with cute animals from Buzzfeed. Brilliant, right?

Not that we believe in staying ignorant about politics, but let’s admit it, some of our “friends” can make the constant updates, rants, and infographics a little overwhelming.

Unpolitic Buzzfeed Chrome Extenstion

If you’re on Twitter, you’ll see “Politics blocked” with a link to see some animals. For your Facebook Timeline, you’ll get a blocked notice (which you can undo–should you want to see what your more reasonable friends are linking to), plus a photo of an adorable cat; which I have to say is much better than the dozens of LOL memes that are taking over my feed.

And that’s saying a lot for even someone like me who doesn’t really like cats. -Kristen

You can download the Unpolitic.me Chrome Extension via Buzzfeed

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