Satellite photo of Hurricane SandyWith Hurricane Sandy, aka Frankenstorm, about to make landfall on the east coast, many of us are stocking up on bottled water and charging our gadgets. If you’re not in the evacuation zone but are still battening down your hatches, here are some of the best hurricane preparation posts that we’ve found around the web.

We hope you find them as helpful as we did.

Our tech preparation post for Hurricane Irene still applies as you get ready for Hurricane Sandy, particularly our suggestion to back up your data! Here are 4 storage options for your data in case you need extra space. 

A helpful map of all the Hurricane Sandy NYC evacuation zones (via @Inhabitat

Mashable rounded-up some of the best emergency apps for both iOS and Android. And here’s a list of hurricane watch apps we rounded up for Irene. Just make sure your gadgets are all charged up so you can use them. 

You’ll want to bookmark these helpful tips from Tech Savvy Mama on how to prepare your technology for a storm

Here’s a pretty extensive checklist to help you prepare for any emergency, including Hurricane Sandy. We just did #10 ourselves. 

And if you are stuck inside for awhile, the folks at MSNBC created a Frankenstorm playlist that you can subscribe to on Spotify. Yes, Purple Rain is on it.

Have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments. And please stay safe mamas! 

{photo via NASA}