Immersion Reading for KindleAs a mom of a child with a learning disability in reading, technology has been a huge help. But most of the reading apps out there are geared toward young children who are learning to read, not 9 year olds. I just stumbled across the Whispersync and Immersion Reading from Kindle and I need to know more about it. Thanks!

This is a great question, Courtney. Both of these technologies are exciting developments for the Kindle, and we think one of them especially will be of great help to your daughter.

While you may find that both Whispersync and Immersion Reading have features that could be of interest to your daughter—or anyone who loves both audio and text books—they are pretty different technologies. Whispersync allows a person to go from audio to text seamlessly by synchronizing your content across your devices, which is very attractive to someone who listens to an audio book while in the car but then turns to the Kindle to read at bedtime. 

For your needs, though, I think Immersion Reading for the Kindle will be more useful. Not only does it let her hear the story with’s high-quality narration, but the text will be highlighted in sync with the audio. This allows her to still read along, but minimizes the chance of losing her place if she gets momentarily distracted. 

It’s important to note that you’ll need a Kindle Fire in order to use the Immersion Reading. And while I’ve read some false claims that in order to get both audio and visual books, you’d have to buy both at full price, this actually is not the case. If you go to with your Kindle Fire, you’ll see that you can add Immersion Reading to the purchase of enabled audio book for only a few dollars more. Phew! 

I’m also pleased to see so many titles for kids like the Percy Jackson Series, Holes, and 39 Clues, with other Immersion Reading-enabled children’s titles listed at Hopefully, they’ll be adding more soon. But with over 800 titles, this should keep even the biggest story-lover busy for a good long time. Christina

Visit for more information on Immersion Reading for the Kindle Fire, as well as to see a helpful video about the technology.