Scribe Bed Lap Desk | QuirkyI get some of my best work done in bed. And no, that doesn’t mean what some of you want it to mean. (Ha.) The one thing I don’t love however, is getting all sweaty with a hot laptop burning red marks into my thighs.

The Scribe Laptop Desk at Quirky
is a super simple answer. This mini desk can hang from a handle when
not in use–perfect for dorm living–but when it’s on your lap it does
more than just sit there. It’s got elastic loops so you can hold pens or
pencils on the side, plus two additional straps to secure the laptop so
it doesn’t slide right down onto your belly. Plus it reverses to a
standard lap desk for writing. Or crossword puzzle completion in my
case. Smart little gadget. –Liz

Find the Scribe Bed Desk online at Quirky. Order now; products start shipping mid-October.