There’s something about those colorful UrbanEars headphones that make me smile whenever I see that telltale pair of cranberry or sage or lemon yellow cans adorning the ears of my fellow commuters. Now there’s a brand new design totally perfect for fall and winter: tweed.

Tweed headphones | UrbanEars

The Plattan Tweed Edition UrbanEars Headphones are awesomely cool. They don’t just look like tweed, they are
tweed–hand-woven 100% virgin wool Harris Tweed to be exact. So I’d
imagine they keep your ears a little toaster than your average headphone
when the mercury drops.

Tweed headphones | UrbanEars

look so cool over your napper (as the Scots might say) with a trench or a smart winter jacket. But looks aside, they’re just good headphones. The sound is nice
and the ZoundPlug means a friend can plug in with you and enjoy your
good taste in music. If not your good taste in tech accessories. –Liz

Find the Tweed UrbanEars Headphones online at their site. And if Tweed is too fancy for you? There’s always denim.

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