JibJab Gangnam Style
Psy’s Gangnam Style just became the most-viewed You Tube video ever, meaning it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve seen the dance moves that my kids can’t stop trying to imitate around the house. 

And now, our long-time favorite JibJab will give you the chance to be the star of this video for free. 

The results? Hilarious. 

As our editor Kristen did in these shots of her Gangnam Style JibJab video, I’ve already put every family member’s face in Psy’s place just to watch them doing his unique “horse-riding” moves and to laugh at them singing along with the words. As with all JibJab videos, it’s really easy to upload a head shot and insert it into the slot—they take care of animating it to look like your photo is actually mouthing the words. 

Gangnam Style JibJab
JibJab Gangnam Style
I’m not exactly sure how this falls under their “Holiday card” category, but it’ll probably make you laugh a lot more than that predictable “Holiday Letter” you’ll get from that one over-achieving family.
And since it’s free, and uploadable directly to Facebook or via email, you’ll probably be seeing quite a bit of this over the next few days. Maybe not 840 million times, but close. Christina
Go to JibJab to check out their free, personalized Gangnam Style video.

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