I love how IKEA is really branching out into the world of tech with their cool interactive catalog as well as an IKEA YouTube channel to help you assemble your SKITFCT. Heh. 

IKEA cardboard camera

Well, now they’re launching a new limited edition gadget that combines high and low tech in one of the coolest ways we’ve seen.

Meet the IKEA Quirky cardboard camera, which runs on a couple of AAA batteries and allows you to easily take photos of your own design inspiration (at home and in the store) and share it on the web with a built-in USB. It’s small and thin so you can pop it right in your pocket, but still seems to take decent photos. 
Although the camera won’t be available for sale in stores or online, it looks like you might be able to grab one at one of the many IKEA PS Collection launches. And who knows? This might be the start of more tech gadgets from one of our favorite companies. We can hope! -Kristen

You can see how the IKEA Quirky cardboard camera works on the IKEA website. 

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