Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week Tom Colicchio shares his favorite. 

My favorite app is the Guitar Tool Kit. I have a ton of apps for playing guitar but this is the best one. It’s really easy to use and great for tuning my guitars, wherever I am–particularly with open or alternate tunings. – Tom Colicchio

Oh Appy Day! Cool apps from cool people.
The Guitar Tool Kit app is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store for $9.99.

Tom is a James Beard award-winning chef and is the founder of restaurants Craft and Colicchio & Sons. He has also authored 3 cookbooks and we love him. As you probably know, you can catch him on the all-new series of Emmy-winning Top Chef, Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo. And follow him on Twitter @tomcolicchio–we do! He’s a great tweeter.

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