If your smartphone is like your baby and your wallpaper is a smartphone photo of your real baby, this card is a fun way to share a beautiful moment with friends and family this holiday season, minus the $400 price tag.

The Smartphone Photo Card from CMP fave Ruvacards is so fun for the superconnected tech family. The card is printed on really nice paper right in the USA, and is fully customizable with photo and text, while the back of the card has a cute design that resembles the front of your smartphone to give it a finished look–compared with those cheap photo cards that have logos all over the photo paper. 

Not only is the quality great, every card is checked over by a pro designer to make sure that your photo quality is high and text is correctly spaced (if not spelled and punctuated; you have to watch for extraneous apostrophes yourself). Because as smart as our phones get, sometimes there’s no substitute for a sharp human eye.
Too bad you can’t plug it in, though. Looks like the battery is permanently set at 25%. Heh.~Delilah
Find the Smartphone Photo Card online at Ruvacards. And yes, it looks like an iPhone but with no actual Apple logo on it, call it what you will.

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