As a ‘Droid user,  I’ll admit it, I’ve had my moments when I’ve wished to etch a tiny apple on the back of my phone for some small measure of coolness. The good news is that there are a number of designers who have heard my virtual sighs and are making some pretty darn cool cases, particularly for Samsung Galaxy. Mwah, y’all.

Thank you!

Samsung Galaxy Android phone cases in leather | Vaja

Check out these nifty leather Galaxy S3 cases from Vaja for Galaxy S3. You can get the Leather Grip for back protection or the “Agenda” for full coverage. I’m feeling fancy just looking at them. $70–$150 at Vaja.

Persona Samsung Galaxy phone cases | Cruzerlite

I’m kind of in love with these ultra-cute Persona Android Cases with all manner of sassy little Droids dashing about. Sleek, lightweight, durable and oh so a-dor-a-ble. $14.90 at Cruzerlite.

Glitter Glam Android phone case | Case-mate

We love all things Case-mate, particularly these glittery Glam Android Phone Cases in gold, silver, pink and emerald green. I feel glam just looking at them. $40 at our affiliate Amazon.

Fabshell Android phone cases

Be fab with a Fabshell,
a one-piece fabric-backed case from Speck in three cool geometric
designs. I like the upside-down umbrellas, personally. But if you’ve got
a Samsung Galaxy S3, you can’t go wrong. $24.68 at Amazon.-Shari

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