Getting organized is not easy as a parent. At least according to us. But tech can definitely make getting organized easier–or make being disorganized harder? Here, some of our favorite apps and websites of the year to help you out.


Pinterest for iOS and Android
It’s so much a part of so many of our online lives now, it’s hard to remember that a lot of us just joined this year. With the new (and quite good) apps for Android and iPad, plus new features added in 2012 like the ability to add private Pinterest boards, Pinterest shows no signs of going anywhere but up.

Get organized with Springpad

When I first discovered this smart organization site this year, I called it Pinterest meets Evernote. It truly is, with far more power to it than bookmarking pretty pictures. Use it for recipes (with ingredients and instructions imported right to the spring), book and shopping, even this genius For My Son notebook Kristen found that goes past organization into total sentimental genius.

Get organized with the Orchestra app

Orchestra App
I’m a huge to-do list maker, and find them all over the place, from scraps of paper to virtual scraps on my iPhone notepad. I like that the Orchestra app lets you organize by timeframe or category, and even forward invitations and bill reminders to be merged into your to-do list with a single click.

Organize your photos with Flayvr


Every year I vow to get my photos in order, and now there’s actually an app for that. Flayvr syncs your photos and your calendar, organizing and even labeling your photos based on events marked in your calendar. Total genius!

Organize your passwords with the Cozi Vault

Cozi Password Vault
As a big fan of the Cozi calendar system, it’s no surprise that I’m in love with their password vault app. Even if you don’t have hundreds of ever-changing passwords like I do, it’s a must have, especially if you’re suffering from mom brain like me.

Organize your contacts with Brewster

Brewster Contact Organization
With so many contacts in so many different places, I’m not sure how I survived without Brewster, a cool app that merges all your social media profiles together into amazingly organized lists based on all sorts of helpful categories.

Cool Mom Tech - Pick of the Year 2012

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