With the announcement of the new Instagram terms of service, I’ve been trying to figure out a viable alternative to the Instagram app. And along with checking out the new Flickr app, as well as rekindling my love for Snapseed and Camera+, I’m also figuring out ways to make sure I’ve got all my Instagram photos saved somewhere just in case I decided to close my account.

If you’re like me and are looking for ways to back-up your Instagram photos, here are three that I’ve found.

Keep in mind, that if you have auto-save turned “on” in your Instagram account, all your photos will be saved in your photo gallery on your gadget, however, it’s always safe to have them saved on a hard drive and in the Cloud.

This morning, thanks to a tip from our friend Danielle, I used Instabackup, a Mac app that syncs with your Instagram account and downloads them to wherever you’d like them on your Mac. For $.99, it was completely worth the two minutes it took to get every photo I’ve ever taken (890, to be exact) somewhere safe until I wait to make my final decision.

I attempted to use Instaport.me, a free website that will back-up your Instagram photos to your computer with just a couple of clicks. However, due to high volume of people attempting to back up their Instagram photos, I was unable to get this to work. I’d say if you’re not on a Mac or don’t want to spend the $.99, keep trying!

Finally, you can find a slew of options over at the IFTTT community, where you’ll find instructions on how to dump all of them into your Dropbox account, Evernote, or even straight to Flickr, which is where lots of people seem to be flocking back to. -Kristen 

For more cloud photo storage options, make sure to check our archives!