When I first got wind of touchscreen gloves for texting, I actually used the phrase “they’re not fashionable by any means, but…”  And wow things have changed in just a couple of years.

Touchscreen gloves by C Wonder

Today, there are options like the tech touch gloves
at C Wonder that look like any other knit wool-acrylic blend gloves you
might use to keep you toasty. Not only do they come in six really
stylish colors, but smartly, only the thumb and pointer fingers are
touch-ready, since it’s not like you’re dialing with your pinky. The
contrast stitching isn’t just functional, I think it actually looks
pretty cool. Plus, I tried them and they work. So there’s that. And boy, it’s nice not to have to take my gloves off just to answer a call in the winter.

Nifty little gift for under $30, not to mention the sweet limited time discount code. –Liz

Find the tech touch gloves
at C Wonder and now, get 25% off everything with code FF25, plus free ground shipping with $100+.