My husband is obsessed with Christmas music. From midnight on Thanksgiving to the wee hours of New Year’s Day, we are a 24/7 Away in a Manger on that O Holy Night with Silver Bells Fa-la-la-ing family. So you should have seen his eyes light up when I told him about the radio app that just launched their first dedicated Christmas music channel with stations from all over the world.

Like their other 40 million listeners, we’re big fans of TuneIn, the radio app that Time Magazine rated as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2012. And now there’s TuneIn Christmas, a channel that streams over 250 free holiday music stations from all over the world, from the US to Iceland to Romania (and let me tell you, those Romanians know their Christmas songs).

Because we don’t want to leave the junior revelers lovers out, also check out all the stations for kids’ Christmas music, from the classics to podcasts about what kids want from the fella in the red suit.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Yep, a happy husband singing off-key.-Shari

Get the free TuneIn app on iTunes.