Recently, I wrote about Animoto’s Best of 2012 Facebook video feature allowing you to create a montage of major highlights in 2012. A cool way to look back on big moments, but what if there were a way to compile all the small moments that make up life and put it into a video format where you could remember one little thing from every single day? You may be able to with 1 Second Everyday.

1 Second Everyday app

The 1 Second Everyday app,
currently a Kickstarter project in development, allows you chronicle
just one second out of each day. All those tiny little moments that fall
from our minds, or even those big moments, can be put together in one
place as a remarkable video montage of memories. After 10 years, you’d
have an hour long video of an entire decade, and
after 50 years, a five hour-long video. Imagine? It’s pretty amazing. 

Of course we are busy (we are parents!) so obviously
you might not remember to do this every single day. In which case yes,
you can also pull from existing photos and video retroactively.

can even create one for your kids and have an incredible memento of
their lives as they get older–not hard to do considering how often
today’s generation of kids are photographed.

1 Second Everyday app

People are clearly smitten with the idea since creator Cesar Kuriyama has not only given a TED Talk about it, but he’s
far surpassed his funding goal.
What I love about this project is that the mundane becomes magnificent
and makes you realize that the little things are what life’s all about.

And wouldn’t today be the perfect day to start saving images for yours? -Jeana

To keep tabs on the progress of this really cool app, keep checking the 1 Second Everyday Kickstarter page where you’ll also find a great description of creator Cesar Kuriyama’s intent and a brief montage of his recent life.

Also our editor Liz wants to point out she hopes that the app will be renamed 1 Second Every Day because “everyday” is an adjective meaning ordinary, which this app definitely is not!

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