Amazon's new AutoRip service
As much as I’m pretty much listening to all my music through MP3s streaming from sites and apps like Spotify, I still tend to listen to CDs in my car. But with this amazing new service from, I can get the best of both music worlds.

Just a couple of days ago, officially launched their new AutoRip program, which allows you to order select CDs and get the MP3 version uploaded to your Amazon Cloud Player for free. You can then access the MP3 from any number of mobile devices, including your Kindle Fire, Android phone, even your iPhone. Pretty awesome, right?

Even cooler, they’ll do the same with CDs you have already purchased all the way back to 1998 (!!) with any eligible AutoRip song popping right up into your Amazon Cloud Player like magic. 

To find eligible CDs, look for the small AutoRip icon, or if you’d like, you can search the extensive list on the special AutoRip page. Then, to access your Cloud Player, click on “Your Account” and then “Your Cloud Player.” Once you open your Cloud Player, AutoRip will then begin searching for eligible songs from your old CD purchases. This is also where any new eligible CD purchases will pop up. 
How to use Amazon AutoRip
Be warned that due to an overwhelming response, it might take awhile for any previously purchased songs that are eligible to pop up, however mine only took a couple of minutes. And hey, look! I completely forgot about that Christmas CD I bought in 2005. And the awesome Science Fair CD we featured on Cool Mom Picks is eligible. Hooray!
It’s important to note that the first 250 songs can be stored free on your player, which is helpful to know if you plan on uploading all your music library into your Amazon Cloud Player. However any songs purchased through Amazon won’t be included in that number. Sweet! Here’s to more music for everyone, accessible from anywhere. -Kristen

To learn more about Amazon’s new AutoRip program, check their website! 

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