If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with auto-complete and autocorrect, which have given me giggles and conversely, near heart stops when I see what pops up as I type. Or um, accidentally send. Oops. But my feelings for this geeky Valentine’s Day card: All love.

You’ll find all sorts of cool letterpress cards at Paperwheel, but the You Auto-Complete Me card definitely takes the cake.

I was programmed to like you Valentine's Day card

The I Was Programmed to Like You card is a close second, though definitely aimed at you app developers, web designers, or IT pros out there.

Truth be told, you don’t even need to be a geek like me to appreciate the humor and the sweet sentiment of these cards, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day card for anyone with a computer or a smart phone. And the great irony–you send them by actual mail. Because even we phone addicts love handwritten letters. -Kristen

You can purchase the You Auto-Complete Me card (as well as other geeky Valentine’s Day cards) at Paperwheel on Etsy.