Lolly scented watches: Juice collectionThe idea of a scented watch doesn’t exactly make me go running for my credit card. But when I got a taste (heh) of these in person at the NY International Gift Show this week, well I’ve now got some kids begging for new watches. And I’m not closed to the idea for myself.

The Lolly Watch
Juice Collection offers up a series of nice looking, colorful
wristwatches all on their own, before you add the fact that they’re
scented with flavors like apple, blueberry orange, pineapple, and my
favorite, coconut. (And bless you Lolly for making the black one black
currant instead of licorice. Good choice.)

By all account they’re
durable (the one-year warranty provides some added assurance), so these
really aren’t some cheap disposable watches. In fact, disposable isn’t
the goal at all. The company has a serious eco-conscience: the watches aren’t made from plastics, but from a
polymer called sentanite, made from sustainable softwood trees and
non-petroleum based ingredients. And for every one purchased, they’ll
plant a tree through Trees for the Future too.

Lolly Watches

more fun thing: in keeping with the whole flash site incentive idea,
Lolly Watch gives you an affiliate code of sorts when you buy one and
activate your “membership.” Share it and give everyone you know
(including yourself) a 15% discount on the watch. With 5 purchases, you get a free watch yourself.

You already know which scent I’d recommend. –Liz

Find the eco-friendly Lolly Watch Juice Collection online at their website
EDITED TO ADD: Save 15% on your purchase with code
CMT0015 for a limited time!