Recharge your Nokia Lumia 920 in plush comfort
With as much as we’re using our mobile phones, it’s only fitting that they have a nice comfy place to rest at night, right? Check out this new “pillow” from the makers of those popular beanbag style chairs, that lets Nokia Lumia 920 users recharge their phones by simply placing them directly atop the pillow.

Using technology that is similar to other mat chargers we’ve covered, the Fatboy Recharge Pillow acts
as a conduit for recharging energy, without the use of multiple wires
and cords. What’s cool is that Nokia is looking to get these pillows
into coffee shops and airport terminals like Virgin Atlantic, which will
make charging your phone much prettier and more comfortable. Provided
no drunk businessmen spill their free gin and tonics all over them Jeana 

The Fatboy Recharge Pillow is available from our affiliate Amazon for $79.99. Hopefully it’s coming for iPhone and other Android phones too! Nifty Valentine’s Day tech gift perhaps?

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