Like Ernie and Bert, now that I’ve seen this genius little speaker that amplifies the sound coming out of your tablet or other iOS device, I can hardly imagine them ever apart.

Zooka portable speaker bar for iPad

The Zooka Speaker Bar is an incredibly clever gadget from a wonderfully innovative Portland company whose Kickstarter campaign made a big impression on us almost a year ago. Like any Bluetooth audio system, you tether it to your iOS device, including the new iPad Mini, or even any Mac laptop.
It can amplify the sound from your device from up to 30 feet away if
you want to stick it on a desk or a shelf. But what I think it’s extra
cool, is that if you pull out the retractable metal rod along the back,
it props up and becomes a stand or docking station.

It’s a genius idea for kids who take over our iPads (ahem) to watch videos or listen to the Dan Zanes station on Pandora
(a new favorite). Plus, because it amplifies all sound really nicely
and has a built-in microphone, it’s fabulous for those Skype calls with
the grandparents and even Facetime. With up to 8 hours of battery time on a charge, it
will even get you through the entire unedited Sound of Music.

Zooka docking station and Bluetooth speaker

just $99, I love the portability coupled with the audio quality you get
for the price. We’ve heard a lot of small audio devices at the Consumer
Electronics Show this week, and this one definitely stands out. Plus?
Pretty! Good luck picking between the 8 colors. –Liz

Find the Zooka Speaker Bar from the Carbone Audio website, but there are more styles in stock at sites like and The Apple Store. We’ve even seen it for sale at Target (in-store only).