For the last couple of years, New England ad agency Mullen had created the innovative Brand Bowl, a site that collected all the tweets about the Super Bowl commercials, so that you could weigh in on the ads, and find out whether the rest of the world is over talking animals too.

This year, it’s going to be a little different.

Brand Bowl 2013

Brand Bowl 2012

Brand Bowl 2013
has moved to Check in now for live feeds and sneak previews
of the ads. (Unless you like to be surprised.) Then starting with the
pregame, you can participate just by tweeting about the ads using the
#brandbowl hashtag, then checking in to see what the rest of the world
thinks too. Kind of like watching with 50,000 funny, opinionated
friends. Only you don’t have to provide the beer for all of them.

One big tip: If you use a client like Tweetdeck, don’t even think about creating a #brandbowl column. It moves so quickly, you’ll get whiplash trying to follow it, if you don’t crash entirely. Trust me. –Liz

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