Cat Doorman Yeah!
Sometimes I feel like Debbie Downer with my kids. No, not now.. . It’s not time for ice cream. . .No dancing on the couch! 

So when I decide we’re going to spend a day full of yeah!, it feels so good. And I’ve got a song that is just perfect for the kind of day when it’s perfectly okay to jump on the couch.

Cat Doorman’s Yeah! off her new release Songbook is kind of low-down and gritty with a sound that balances funky bass with bright marimba. The clever lyrics tell of four cool cats like . . a boy named Blue/ And he knows just what to do/ When the song requires a shimmy/ And he’s dancing in the gymmy.
And it is has a chorus your kids will want to sing as loud as they can because, yes, sometimes yelling Yeah! for the day is a really good idea. –Christina

Download a copy of Cat Doorman’s Yeah! from our affiliate Amazon.


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