Winbot robotic window cleaner
There are household chores that simply must be done, begrudgingly, like laundry, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the bathrooms…some of which can be a little more automated than others. But what if there was something like a Roomba or an iRobot that can take the place a window washing service?

There just might be.


If I had this supercool Winbot, I’d have the cleanest windows on the block. This is actually a robot for cleaning your windows that attaches via suction and emits cleaning solution. It has a built-in squeegee plus dryer to leave those panes streak-free, all without you hanging out your third-floor window trying to reach that one spot on the top.

It’s not just windows, either. Think glass doors, transoms, mirrors, even shower doors. Whoa.

Winbot robotic window cleaner

Not only is it a super helpful concept, it’s smart too. The sensors that automatically detect when suction has been lost to shut it down and prevent it from falling (which would be my fear!). There’s a remote control too to truly take housecleaning to a new level.

It’s like Rosie from the Jetsons! She’s finally here!-Jeana

Pricing for the Winbot has not yet been defined, nor is it available for purchase – yet. But we’ll keep our eye out for this household chore must-have!

h/t Cool Hunting

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