While we’ve got spring cleaning and organizing on the brain, that extends to my audio system options too. If you’ve got unwieldy woofers or cord nests polluting your otherwise clean (okay, sometimes clean) space, here’s a beautiful, simple idea from Geneva that might just make you forget about the pile of legos on the floor just feet away.


Geneva Sound System Model S | Cool Mom Tech

The Geneva Sound System Model S is a sweet looking bit of compact audio awesomeness. While it’s comparable in look and feel to similar all-in-one universal iPhone/iPod docks, like the Soundfreaq Recharge, I love the more sophisticated “blends with your nice furniture” vibe here. 

See? As our kids get older we get to have nice things. Bonus!

The dock has got an included table stand that can prop it up–or not, depending on your space. I like the idea of doing just that in the kitchen where you want to keep spills away from the speaker; or on a small desk where you want to keep the footprint small.

Geneva Sound System speaker white | Cool Mom Tech

It converts to a clock, making it nice for all around the house. And as far as the sound (which matters, of course) the amp not only gets nice reviews for power and sound, but it’s won awards for eco innovation which I love seeing.


Geneva Sound System colors | Cool Mom Tech

Just pop your iOS device onto the PowerDock on top and that’s pretty much it. When you want to control it, you’ll find a touch light menu that activates on contact, keeping the whole design super streamlined. It’s also got FM radio (remember that? Aww…) and a remote control so you don’t even have to get up from your comfy Eames recliner to toggle playlists.

Geneva Sound System black | Cool Mom Tech

Oh, those Swiss. They sure know what they’re doing in the clean design department, don’t they.  –Liz

Find the Geneva Sound System S online at Genevalab.com, and also at shops like Barney’s.