As my husband and our electric bill will tell you, I love light. I’m constantly searching for more ways to bring sunshine/lamps/candles into our home (the last leading to numerous fire alarm activations–oops).

Lumio book-shaped lamp on Cool Mom Tech

The minute I saw this cool new Lumio LED light I was sold. It was inspired by the idea of an illuminated book: the light turns on when you open the cover and turns off when it’s closed.

Incredibly convenient, portable and intuitive (you can change the brightness simply by adjusting the angle), charge it and it lights up for 8 hours. And it’s aesthetically pleasing to the point of being hypnotic–my 8-year old daughter and I watched the demonstration video three times in a row.

Lumio LED lamp on Cool Mom Tech

Currently a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the first round of Lumios are already snapped up, but you might be able to get in on the second production run due out in September. And I might just do this myself, to calm my husband’s nerves over the electric bill and false fire alarms. She says sheepishly. –Shari

Check out the Lumio LED lamp and invest in its future on Kickstarter.


[via Apartment Therapy]

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