There’s no sound more beautiful than your baby’s laugh, or your significant other saying your name, or that favorite song that always brings a tear to your eye. The only problem is that sounds only last so long before they’re gone forever, and you can’t put them on the wall. Right?


See sound at Cool Mom Tech!

Born of Sound will take any sound you can record and translate it into a sound form that visually describes the invisible mechanical vibrations that travel through the air. Luckily, they’re beautiful. And highly customizable.

Looking through their gallery, you can glean tons of ideas for way to capture the meaningful moments of your life in beautiful colors. From a baby’s first breath to a toddler’s laughter to the pop of a special vintage of wine, you can upload your sound and select its colors, size, and display type, not to mention two different visual presentations of the shape. The colors run from “that would look pretty in a nursery” to “that would be cheerful in the kitchen” to “my, what a sophisticated office you have.”

Born of Sound artwork | Cool Mom Tech


Prices start at $249 for a 12×24 on unmounted photo paper or $299 for gallery-wrapped canvas, if you want to save on framing. And you can request a quote for something even bigger or custom colors, too.

So, do you have an all-time favorite sound worthy of framing?-Delilah

Create your own artwork made from sound at Born of Sound.

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