Billy Kelly's Again!!! on Cool Mom Tech
Besides the ushering in of spring, one other reason to love April is that it is the ASPCA’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. I love how this organization helps out our furry, feathered, and scaley friends in so many way.

So, in honor of our pets, and specifically in honor of my own adopted pooch, I’ve found a new tune from the versatile Billy Kelly that celebrates one of the most popular family members. 

With a jaunty whistle, Billy Kelly kicks off Oh My Dog, an ode to his best friend, Bingley, who appears in this sweet video.

I love the accompaning ukulele and fiddle that are as peppy and fun as the lyrics. It’ll make you want to grab your own dog and give her a big hug. Just watch out: April also kicks off “shedding season” here too. -Christina

Purchase a copy of Billy Kelly’s Oh My Dog from his cd Again!!! at our affiliate Amazon.

And check out the ASPCA to see how you can support them during these last few days of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

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