The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this natural wood keyboard for your Mac. Wood you try it? (Heh)

Wooden MacBook keyboard on Cool Mom Tech

Our inner geek is definitely piqued by this wooden MacBook Pro keyboard from RAWBKNY. Available in Bamboo or Rosewood, each piece is handmade to fit: just pop out the keys and attach them individually to the black keys on your laptop, just like wooden stickers. Don’t worry about them harming your screen–there should be plenty of room. (Although we haven’t tried them ourselves.)

While they are, of course, opaque, there is a clever little cut-out so that you’ll know if the caps lock is on or not. IN CASE YOU NEED TO YELL.

Wood laptop keyboard at Cool Mom Tech

RAWBKNY wooden keyboard at Cool Mom Tech

We love the combination of sleek natural beauty and clever design, but we might miss the backlit keys, especially when checking Twitter late at night and trying not to wake up the rest of the family. And we really want to know if it’s comfortable. Maybe computing gets a little more zen with woodgrain under your fingertips?

What do you think mamas? Is bamboo for you?-Delilah

Find wooden keyboards for your Macbook Pro at RAWBKNY.

h/t to designmilk