If you grew up on characters like Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, the new news from Nintendo will make you want to dig out your flannels, dust off those cowboy boot shoes, and pause the Friends marathon while you get your hands on some of these new games.

Mario back on Nintendo 3DS | Cool Mom Tech

Nintendo just announced a whole bunch of new titles coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but what gets me excited are the extensions of classics like Donkey Kong Country, new Legend of Zelda games, and of course loads of Mario spin-offs like Yoshi’s Island, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and all with new 3-D graphics.

I mean…what will get my kids excited. Right.

I’m especially looking forward to checking out something called Party Like It’s the Year of Luigi, if only for the name. It’s a new game in the Mario Party series, which I already love for good clean family fun, and is slated to offer 81 mini games and 7 game boards, plus single and multi-player options.

Many of the games are expected to head our way next month, with more to follow in the nick of time for holiday shopping. No doubt. –Liz

For more info, keep an eye out on nintendo.com/wiiu and nintendo.com/3ds.