As much as I love Instagram (and boy do we love Instagram), there are days that are so busy that I just don’t get the chance to see what great–or silly–shots my friends are posting. But now that my Instagram feed can easily become my MacBook screensaver, I can glance over at my laptop to see what’s new and not miss a single shot.

Screenstagram on Cool Mom Tech

Created by The Barbarian Group while taking a break from making ads, Screenstagram pulls your Instagram photos into a screensaver for the Mac, making it possible to see what photos your friends are taking even when you aren’t online.

Just download the free app and follow the simple video directions to link your Instagram feed to your screensaver. I like that you can either chose your feed, or select a keyword if you want to see photos with a specific tag. I’m currently running photos tagged with “Bermuda” to get even more excited for an upcoming trip. Yes, to Bermuda.

Don’t have an Instagram account? You can still use Screenstagram to pull up current and popular Instagram shots should that be of interest. 

Just keep in mind that you may not want all the shots to be seen by your kids. Though I haven’t seen anything offensive–especially when I pull from my friends’ feeds–there’s always a chance that little eyes will see the one questionable selfie from some drunken spring breaker that appears out of hundreds. It could happen. Christina

Visitt the Screenstagram page for instructions on how to download this free Instagram screensaver. 

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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