There are some tech gadgets you need, some tech gadgets you want but don’t need, and then some tech gadgets you never realized you needed until you saw them and went ooohhh…

Wooden USB caps by Pana Objects | Cool Mom Tech

I’m looking at these beautifully designed wooden USB caps in the Small-Ville collection from a small Thai design collective called Pana Objects, and boy do I want them. These handcrafted maple wood figures would be such a gorgeous way to cap off that sad iPhone connector on my desk when its not in use, while keeping prying little hands (and cats) away from the connector.

You can buy them in sets of two, including a Home + Cloud, Tree + Mountain, and Barn + Truck for either 30-pin or the new lightning connectors (also good for cameras and other devices besides iPhones).

Although you do have to know that your kids will steal them and you’ll find them in their dollhouses. Just to be clear.

Wooden iPad stand by Pana Objects | Cool Mom Tech

I also am taken with their simple wooden iPad or iPhone stands, which add some more needed earthiness to a desk full of metals.

By the way, don’t let the price in Thai Bhats scare you–450 THB for the cap set comes out to about $15 each. –Liz

Visit Pana Objects for wooden designs for tech and home offices. Also, US distributors, feel free to jump on this one!

[via bkids]

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