Amazon Coins at Cool Mom Tech
If you visit Amazon today, you’ll see the big announcement that Kindle Fire users will now be able to use something called Amazon Coins to purchase apps, music and games directly on their Fire devices. And we’ve got the details. 


Really, Amazon Coins is just an easier way for you to purchase digital content and have it upload directly onto your devices. Why bother with this way of paying? Discounts!

(Or in Amazon’s case, hopefully more purchases from you.)

When you purchase Amazon coins in bulk, you can save up to 10% on everything you buy; so 500 Coins will cost you $4.80, 1000 cost $9.50 and the discounts continue to increase the more Coins your purchase. You can bank them into your account at this cheaper rate and then use the credits to purchase games, apps, movies–whatever you use on your devices.

We’re kind of liking the incentive to get you to try it out: 500 free Coins (or $5 worth) for your Kindle Fire, which you should already see in your accounts. Sweet.

If you consume a lot of content on your Kindle Fire and are constantly using your credit card on file, you may find that using Coins is a whole lot easier and even a little cheaper. Let us know what you think of it. Jeana

Check out the Amazon Coins web page to purchase or find out more information.


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