With summer officially here, and hints of warm weather (at least for some of you, sheesh), I’m already preparing for a fun-filled couple months of sand and surf. My trusted companion, aka my phone, is not a fan of these elements though, and needs some protection before hitting the waves with me.

Before you venture to the pool or the beach, make sure your devices are safe in one of these handy protective cases. -Jeana

Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit
The Adventure Suit name is apropos because putting this on your iPhone will enable you to take it anywhere, from underwater to way up a mountain. What makes this case worth a look is that while pricy, it not only protects your phone from every element, but its built-in wide-angle lens will automatically turn your iPhone into an action cam, so you can fully capture all your adventures. ($130)

LifeProof Fre waterproof case at Cool Mom Tech

LifeProof Fre
The LifeProof Fre for iPhone 5 is a favorite of many of the editors at Cool Mom Tech, clearly for its protective nature, but also for its slim design. Unlike a lot of protective cases it really doesn’t add much bulk, and can still withstand drops, drips, spills and plunges, all of which are bound to happen when kids are nearby. We also love that it comes in so many colors. ($79.99)

*Given LifeProof’s recent acquisition by Otterbox, we’ll keep our eye on how these awesome cases are integrated into the new brand

Incipio Atlas waterproof case at Cool Mom Tech

Incipio Atlas
If you don’t need a lot of color choices, the Incipio Atlas is a good choice as well. It offers added grip on the sides, which is helpful if you’re using your phone on the slopes with bulky gloves or at the beach with wet hands. While other cases offer plastic protection for the front of the phone, this one is made of glass so bear in mind if you’re a little droppy. ($89.99)

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof case at Cool Mom Tech

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst
For a protective case with a playful side, the Survivor + Catalyst case is worth considering. Taking on more of a scuba feel, this case is made from clear plastic with edging to give it a lighter look and feel. The colors expected to come out in 2014 will make it even more of a summer accessory, though it’s pretty great for this year too. Another differentiator is the attached wristband that will not only keep it protected but close on hand. Or wrist. ($69.99)

Seidio Obex waterproof Android case at Cool Mom Tech

Seidio Obex
Samsung Galaxy S4 users need not feel left out; Seidio just recently announced this new waterproof case for their new phone in the coming months. Made to protect from dirt, dust, water, and snow, the Obex waterproof case is a slim addition to keeping that S4 safe. ($79.95, in development)

DryCase waterproof bag for devices at Cool Mom Tech

DryCase Waterproof Bag
For those of you who are attached to your currently awesome and fashionable case and don’t want to switch for those rare boat trips or poolside moments, consider a waterproof bag. And no, we’re not talking Ziploc bags. The DryCase bag completely vacuum-seals any phone or tablet to make it waterproof to 100 ft! You can still access all the controls and ports (though it is a bit harder than using a case) and rest assured that your device is totally protected. (Prices vary depending on size, phone model is $39.99)