While one of you will win the sweet Samsung Galaxy Note on our Mother’s Day gift guide this year, we know that not every tech gift comes free. Still, it’s nice to know there are some cool tech gifts for moms out there that won’t cost you a fortune. –Liz

Natural wood speakers ($30 at Give Simple)
I love the looks of these portable mini speakers, and it’s such a thoughtful, pretty gift for a plugged-in mom. Or anyone, for that matter.

Ted Baker Touchscreen Pen | Cool Mom Tech

Ted Baker Touchscreen Pen ($29 at Give Simple)
Love all four of the gorgeous colors, love the pouch, love the convenience. Really cool gift if she’s a stylus kind of a gal.

Pocket Spotlight phone camera flash | Cool Mom Tech

Pocket Spotlight for smartphones ($30 at Photojojo)
This is such an awesome way to make sure she always gets those great iPhone or Android shots of the kids–even if it’s nighttime. And they’re wearing black. And they’re running like crazy people on too many Girl Scout Cookies. Well okay, no guarantee…but it is an awesome little device for taking flash photos that never look good using phone cameras.

Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit | Cool Mom Tech

Apple Nike +iPod sports kit ($23.99, B+H Photo)
If you’ve got a mom into fitness, (who happens to be in the market for a pair of Nike + sneakers), this little receiver will help her track workouts, set goals, and then send it all to a computer via iPod nano, iPod touch, or all the later model iPhones. I know my own mom would love it.

Boogie Board Memo | Cool Mom Tech

Boogie Board Memo ($29.99 at Brookstone)
We’re already fans of the Boogie Board wipeable LCD screen for kids, and now this version lets you combine the technology with an old school sticky note pad. So handy.

Society 6 iPod and iPhone skins | Cool Mom Tech

iPhone/iPod skins ($15 at society6)
There are so many gorgeous designs from so many artists, photographers and designers, if you’ve got an Apple-carrying mama, surely there’s one that’s calling her name.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender | Cool Mom Tech

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender ($19.99 at Best Buy)
I own one of these 14 ounce blenders myself and it is the ultimate smoothie maker. So perfect for a single serving (or well, two servings if you have my kids) and the clean-up and storage is way easier than pulling out the full size blender.

Lomocam Action Sampler Camera | Cool Mom Tech

Lomography Silver Action Sampler Camera ($29.95 on sale at Fred Flare)
I’m a huge lomo fan and this camera is so fun to play with, taking four photos all at once so you end up with an artful mini mosaic of any moment in time. So perfect for shooting kids who can’t sit still anyway. Plus, how great is using real 35mm film and not the fake kind on your photo apps.

Speck Kindle FitFolio case | Cool Mom Tech

FitFolio for Kindle Touch ($29.95 at Speck) Speck makes some of our favorite tech cases, and they’ve got a ton for pretty much any e-reader or tablet. It will give you the fit and protection of a hard shell case, plus the faux leather jacket for easy reading.

Or hey, if she’s a big e-reader you can always just gift her some awesome e-books at Amazon, B+N or iTunes. Especially if you’re getting to this very last minute. Ahem.